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Заповедник репрессивной психиатрии

Steve Yegge о программистах-либералах и консерваторах

But the resemblance to a liberal language ends there. Clojure's community came pre-populated with highly conservative programmers from the pure-functional world: basically Haskell/ML types (lots of puns today!) who happen to recognize the benefits of Lisp's tree syntax. So under its expressive covers, everything about Clojure is strongly conservative, with a core overriding bias towards protecting programmers from mistakes.

Короче, еще немного, и в кложуру заползут статические типы и про остальные языки можно будет забыть :)

PS: нашел еще срач с его участием: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/seajure/GLqhj_2915A/deiRPQMfMT0J[1-25]

Clojure's community seems to have been populated by Schemers and folks from
various statically-typed camps like ML and Haskell. They generally whine and bitch
whenever anyone tries to work around Clojure's pedantic insistence on functional style
-- for instance, the crapped all over the folks who've tried to port the CL loop macro.
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